Anti-piracy software: DRM

Some software producers are using an anti-piracy security feature called DRM (Digital Rights Management) for example Ubisoft which has the most advance one of them.

This DRM requires a permanent internet connection in order to use the software and it has been pretty secure but not uncrackable.

For example Assassin’s Creed 2 (a game developed by Ubisoft) was properly cracked after month due to the DRM protection and HAWX 2 hasn’t been cracked since it has been released in november.

The DRM software has raised some controversy because it limit the user rights on the software and a movement has started against the DRM.

Ubisoft has been taget to some DDOS attacks due to the DRM in order to show it’s vulnerability.

In my opinion DRM is a stupid thing in computer software since it requires a permanent internet connection and it will limit the software use and the one that suffers is the user because crackers will always find ways to crack a content.

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