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New statistical study of hacking

Ponemon Research as made study for Juniper Networks. The study (pdf) reports the numbers and types of security incidents among US based companies. The study is based on interviews with the CTOs, CSOs and CIOs of 583 North American companies of … Continue reading

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Personal Data Compromised for 4k in San Juan School District

4000 San JuanUnifiedSchool Districtemployees social security numbers were exposed on the internet. One employee googled information about himself and found his social security number on a church website. After investigation was found that one employee that worked in human resource … Continue reading

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Mt. Gox loses database; exchanges close after 500,000 BitCoins are missing or stolen

25000 Bitcoins were transferred from 478 accounts on the largest Bitcoins currency exchange site Mt. Gox. Mt. Gox has to shutdown in an unprecedented action. Approximately 8 milions dollars worth of Bitcoins were stolen in intrusion. 25000 Bitcoins was transferred … Continue reading

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Why Facebook proxies are bad idea

Facebook become very popular. 40% of Americans uses every day. It is more than using google. So many companies and learning institutions blocking facebook, because it disturbs to woks or learn, but of course most enthusiastic facebook users whose really … Continue reading

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How secure is your password

Have you ever thought about your password strength? I think everybody has problems with password creation. It’s a big headache for everybody. People used to use silly word or numbers to keep it “secure”.  There is an article about top … Continue reading

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Outsourcing cybercrime

According to this article There is a thriving black market for support for cybercrime , the article refers to a key note (1 hour 18 min video.) given by the Lead Investigator from the Center for Internet Epidemiology and Defenses … Continue reading

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LulzSec Sparing the Tubes, Hammering the Phones

OK what can i say els then LulzSec. LulzSec is hacking there way truh every website they can but is not the end. Now they are attacking PC games. Not just oredenary PC but we are talking MMO’s ( Masiv … Continue reading

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