SANS Security Threats for 2012&2013

It looks like some people were thinking about the upcoming years 2012,2013 and what new security threats will appear (apparently it contradicts with Nostradamus predictions but he is not talking about IT Security so I don’t care). I chose to show at least a few of this security threats, the ones that I find interesting and at some of them I was already thinking.

1.IPv6 – it looks like we are moving to IPv6 and some ISP/Companies will rush to make the change and by this leaving security gaps in firewall configuration and other intrusion detection systems, stuff that happens when you rush things.

2.Smartphones and tablets – Apparently acording to SANS they have a BIG mark on their back and they will be targeted by hackers and other people and so far I have seen how update goes on Android phones and how many phones are updated: few to none at least from what I know of. It’s heaven for upcoming hackers

3.The Almighty Human – No surprise here and quoting the article “Humans are the weakest link, regardless of how technology changes attackers know they can always hack employees”

Anyway for more interesting stuff to read about these predictions on security threats


I am not responsible for any damage done to your PC/Table/Smartphone or any other device by clicking the link above.

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