Summary Page

Week 6:

The best 3 articles were:




This 3 articles will be published so every one can see why we choosed them.

The editors of this week: Romanas & Vlad-Stefan


Week 5 :

Most of the class worte about server services and protocols. There were some som entries about hardware and
The most interesting subjects were
Wireless Network Interface Cards (Armandas)
Load balancing (Stefan)
Trying Ubuntu 10.10 vs. Windows 7 (Bo)

Editors: Xiaowen and Mads

Week 4 :


Half of the class talked about servers in general, which is not that relevant, despite the fact that the topic is called “Servers”.
There were some more seducing subjects still in the range of “Servers” that the editors believe to be highly interesting.

We chose the 3 best ones:

OpenBSD PF (Ognjen)
LTSP server (Zigurds)
Gentoo OS (Stefan)

Those topics were chosen because of their great flow of information, good argumentation with good used references.

Editors: Morten and Tomislav


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