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people use FTP to copy a file from pc to another pc over a tcp -based network,just like internet. FTP services are generally run on two ports 20 and 21. Port 20 is used between the client and the server … Continue reading

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Daily Backup for Windows 7 & Linux (Rsync)

Ideás for subjects OSI Reference model TCP/IP protocol suite Simple Network Management Protocol Daily Backup I wan´t to tell You about the subject Daily Backup, which is very relevant for servers and as well for client. The random subjects like Windows … Continue reading

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New ideas and suggestions for week 5

These are the ideas the class have to work with in week 5. 1. The OSI Reference model 2. The TCP/IP protocol suite 3. Simple Network Management Protocol

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Lines and links week 4

The editors made a graph of the links and lines for week 4. See below

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Web server

Begining of web server On internet you can find a lot of diffrent kind of languages that you can write by yourself and understandable to other browsers. I am giving one example of the main languages that everybody can understand … Continue reading

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Openfiler is an rpath linux distribution for building a nas. I’ve tried it and I can say that it’s pretty amazing, you can do a lot of stuff with but basically is for building a NAS and the advantage of … Continue reading

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BACK-UP Resently, during the Christmas-holyday I experienced trouble because a complete break-down to my Laptop and ended with a lot of trouble and hours of unneeded work to do. Back.up a word I knew from the back of my head, … Continue reading

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