Why Facebook proxies are bad idea

Facebook become very popular. 40% of Americans uses every day. It is more than using google. So many companies and learning institutions blocking facebook, because it disturbs to woks or learn, but of course most enthusiastic facebook users whose really can’t live without facebook google about that problem and founds bypassing firewalls solutions. One of bypassing solutions is a web proxy sites. Those sites are based on very simply principle. User writes site which want to reach, then simple php or pearl script on proxy server gets original site and changes all references from original sites to go to proxy. I think is the easiest solution for firewall bypassing. But users usually do not how relatable those servers are. One of those sites is http://www.accessexist.com. It is works perfectly, but when we whois this domain then starts be very interesting. This domain registered on one Russian guy Vladimir Ivanov fromMoscow. His proxy not only bypass firewall but also collects all user names and password. And after few days he start asking for 2 dollars fee to continue this service. But before that he sell accounts in black market. For those whose have 10 or less friend sell for 35 dollars, and for more than 10 friend is 45 dollars price. Scammers buys those accounts and scams all your friends, o sends them spam.

Trusting your Facebook username and password to an unknown third party is simply not worth the headaches it can cause.

Full article http://www.barracudalabs.com/wordpress/index.php/2011/04/25/why-facebook-proxies-are-a-bad-idea/

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