Personal Data Compromised for 4k in San Juan School District

4000 San JuanUnifiedSchool Districtemployees social security numbers were exposed on the internet. One employee googled information about himself and found his social security number on a church website.

After investigation was found that one employee that worked in human resource department copied sensitive data to the USB to work it on a home computer. After that that file he copied in a website where she worked as volunteer. After this accident USB mass storage devices are not allowed to use in school computer. Ant those numbers were available in the site six months.

What we can learn from this accident? That people sometime can’t understand true information value. People who work with sensitive data should be very responsible, and of course data copying possibility also should be banned. But to do this not so easy as to talk about it, because nowadays is a lot of possibilities to copy data from work. Data can be copied to floppy discs, CD-ROM disks, USB mass storage devices, and also directly uploaded to the internet. Is possibility to disable CD/DVD-RW, floppy and USB devices on pc, but I don’t know how to protect data from sending to internet via email or cloud based programs.


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