How secure is your password

Have you ever thought about your password strength? I think everybody has problems with password creation. It’s a big headache for everybody. People used to use silly word or numbers to keep it “secure”.  There is an article about top 10 worst passwords.

How to secure it? There is some pages on the web there you can decide on the strong password, and it tells you is it good password or not. Microsoft company refers a page there you can create strong password. Or you can check strength on another page.

Other pages refer to make it secure by doing like that:

  • It needs to contain special characters such as @#$%^&;
  • It must be at least 8 characters long;
  • It must not have any common words such as 123, password, your birth date, your login name and any words that can be found in the dictionary;
  • A variation of capitalization and small letters.

In my opinion it’s not enough if you want to secure your password. You need to change your password every month or at least in two months period. Everything depends on your web surfing habits. If you are surfing in different pages every time then you on internet, make sure that your computer has the proper firewall and anti-virus program installed, make sure your network is secure, log out when you are done with your session and clear the cache once you are done. This page will show how long it will take to hack your chosen password.

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  2. pb3600 says:

    Hello. I have a blog about common data security questions and issues. One of my articles mentions strong passwords. I used that as a subject as a second post. I used your article above as a reference and think that you may have some interest in my recent post on the same subject. The link is and my site is

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