LulzSec Sparing the Tubes, Hammering the Phones

OK what can i say els then LulzSec.

LulzSec is hacking there way truh every website they can but is not the end. Now they are attacking PC games. Not just oredenary PC but we are talking MMO’s ( Masiv Multi Player Games ) like EVEOnline and  League of Legends.

“Yesterday, a day that came to be known as #TitanicTakeoverTuesday, LulzSec harnessed the power of the popular DDoS tool “Low Orbit Ion Cannon” (also known as LOIC and the “Lulz Cannon”) to DDoS a few unsuspecting targets.  EVEOnline, League of Legends, Escapist Magazine and Minecraft (gasp!).  Over the last 24 hours, several online MMOs have been staring down the barrel of the Lulz Cannon.  In a recent poll by Sophos Labs, 57% of poll respondents found humor in LulzSec’s actions, but many of those respondents didn’t approve of their most recent hacking plots.”

But that was just the top of the cake.

LulzSec just tok over the phoneline allso. So that people did call for help it was the LulzSec Phone you got in contact with . As they say on there Twitter Page :

“Our number literally has anywhere between 5-20 people ringing it every single second.  We can forward it anywhere in the world.  Suggestions? ”

Around 1:00PM Eastern, LulzSec directed their phone number, 614-LULZSEC, to online retailer  Shortly before the attack, LulzSec tweeted “Tango down – – we called them and they wouldn’t tell us how magnets worked.”  At about 2:00PM Eastern Time, LulzSec redirected to the FBI offices in Detroit, Michigan.  Quoting a LulzSec statement, “FBI in Detroit just got hundreds of calls. That woman was mad.”  Their newest target as of 3:00 PM ET?  HBGary.

I’m like wating for them to Atack Apple, Microsoft or Blizzard

Some did actually tweet the Blizzard would be the next. Do to the next World of Warcraft Patch on the 28 – maby there is some kinde of atack there ?

But LulzSec – FUCK OFF

Links :!/LulzSec

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