Why Cyber Attacks Are So Difficult to Trace Back to Hackers

One common of hacking practices is to hack to poorly secured computers and use them as proxies to attack other more secured systems. Even more hackers can set up a chain of different proxies in different counties. This method allows hacker to evade detection. The hardest part of intrusion detection is to find source address. Every data packet on internet has source and destination information, but hackers can spoof this information to hide real sender.
Cyber attackers use viruses, worms and other mallware to create botnets. Botnets usually used for spaming and DOS attack, but bootnets zombie pc’s can be used for attacking systems to hide attack undertaker real address. For making zombies cyber criminals commonly use spearphishing method to send mallware.
Possible defences from cyber attacks. There a lot of software for preventing cyber attacs, most of them scans data for incoming know mallware, blocks suspicious mails and spam. So good intrusion detection can really improve networks security. Other relevant thing that tracing criminals in another country is really difficult. Internet not have borders and anyone can use internet resources from any place of the world, but when administrator wants to trace hacker in another country need to he a permissions of governments institutions. And if hacker makes for example 10 proxy chain in 10 different countries in few minutes, administrator should get 10 permissions. As I know government bureaucracy for permission can take from couple days to couple of weeks. Other important thing need to do is to improve personal computers security by using updated operating systems and software, using antivirus and firewall software. Another very good thing is to demonstrate to people what criminals usually doing to gain access to theirs computers and what then do with them. Regular users ever do not consider that his computers are a someone’s controlled zombie. It works like usual, not shows any messages to user, but in background it can make DOS attack or spam email.
This not protects 100% from cyber attacks, but it will improve it security significantly.


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