Use firewall software like PF to protect your desktop systems

This article is about PF firewall, and it can protect users’ desktop systems. It is called ‘ Packet Filter’, and it used in UNIX LIKE systems. The purpose of PF is that controlling TCP/IP’s flow and Broadband. Firewalls can help reduce your exposure to remote exploits of vulnerabilities in your system’s services. Actually, PF firewall is in middle of internet and gateway to protect local computers.

I know there are many kinds of firewall, and I want to know what’s the function of PF. After I search PF firewall, I wake up to it. It really useful in UNIX LIKE systems. Although it have some disadvantage, likes a packet filters is that it cannot quickly process high volumes of traffic, because packet filters work at the network layer. Its main advantage is that the devices and software required are already in their place, because almost all routers support packet filtering. Packet filters are generally the first line of defense as it can restrict all inbound traffic to a specific host.

I think, Packet Filter is nice to use when users want a thing to protect their desktop system. But if someone want to use it, they should completely know what is it, that means they should know its performance, advantages, disadvantages and so on.

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