Lock your screen while away from the computer

This talk about lock screen. Lock screen, it means others can’t use the computer expert user. Why do users need to do it? Because doing it can protect users’ security of computer when they are not here. This article introduce many ways to do that. Each version of MS Windows has its own way to lock the system when the user is away, and open source Unix-like systems offer a number of different ways to do it as well. Focusing solely on screen locking rather than password-protected screen savers or logging out.

The reason why I choose it is that I usually lock my computer. And that is really important to everyone.

As far as I’m concerned, if I don’t lock my screen when I left, I would have a feeling of insecurity. So that’s terrible for me. It is important for using, especially in social environment. For example, someone uses computer in cafe’, and he have something need to leave for a minute, if he don’t lock his computer, there would be someone to log in his accounts. Locking computer is a easy thing to do but it is an important thing.


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