StumbleUpon – web browsing for you.

Exploring to the Internet discover one of most impressive social networking web-page. In the Interner are lots of interesting and usefull articles, but also littered with millions of negligible value projects. Then you are searching something really interesting and worth and spend few hours but nothing found… StumleUpon is solution. Its make Internet browsing webpages for each user hobbies. This page can’t called social networking if there not be friends lists, opportunity to chat, groups with same interests and etc.

How system works?

Just need to login and install to your browser StumbleUpon toolbar (it’s not necessary). For login you can create new account or login with your Facebook or Twitter profile.  When login, chose your interests (like Internet tools, Humor, Hacking, Technology and etc.) for exploring Internet.  In StumbleUpon toolbar or webpage you see 3 buttons  „Stumble!“ , „Like“ and „Dislike“. Click on first button, opens random site which recommended by friends. But thats just in beginning. Very quickly, system analyze pushed “like”and “dislike” buttons and offers websites for your hobbies and interests.

More info here…

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