Pentagon rules cyber attacks and sabotage constitute an act of war

“The US Department of Defense has ruled that attacks on computer networks and sabotage of information systems that stem from other countries officially constitute an act of war, and can be responded to with traditional military force.” This rule allows us army strike those countries, which allows cyber attack againstUnited Statesto prevent possible damage caused by cyber attacks. Shutting down nuclear plants safety systems, electricity power will be considered ass war action andUSarmy would be able to use a military force against attacker’s countries. As example for war consideration mentioned and stuxnet worm. Pentagon believes that such kind of worm can develop only government. As we now than nobody knows what developed and released stuxnet. Suspicions is onUSA,Israel,China,Jordan,FranceandRussia. I think thatUSAmostly suffers from Chinese and Russian crackers, but I don’t think so thatUSAwill declare for those countries war. In my opinion that USA now can very easily declare war for Iran just by shutting down for several days it’s own electricity grid systems and told to mass media that systems was attacked by crackers.

Full article is  site.


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