TDC opens up a huge number of network addresses

TDC which is a big company by providing IP-adresse
has accoumplish to do something useful.

The world is running out of addresses for the many appliances
be connected to the Internet. But now, Danish companies have
access to a myriad of new Internet addresses in telecommunications group TDC.

From Wednesday, TDC namely ready to launch the new IP solution
called IPv6. It opens up an astronomical number of new IP addresses –
in fact so many that there is a Danish word for it.

– TDC is ready to help Danish businesses forward with the very
great opportunities for business development, which lies in the exorbitant
number of IP addresses in IPv6 model, “says Lars Struwe Christensen from TDC Business.

He points out that with IPv6 gets locked up completely new opportunities
of mass communication between machines.

– In the use of such sensors and other monitoring of inter
other IT systems now opens up a wealth of new innovation opportunities
opportunities for Danish businesses, says Lars Struwe Christensen.

Demand for IP addresses increases, among other things, because a rapidly increasing
number of smart phones, alarms, web sites, sensors, and public nodes must
using ip addresses.

The number of IP addresses has increased from the first four in 1969 and now around the four
billion that IPv4 has the potential.

According to a new forecast from the U.S. IT group Cisco will ip traffic
worldwide will quadruple by 2015. Growth is mainly driven by increased video

In 2015, there are 15 billion Internet connections, which corresponds to two
connections for each person in the world, assesses Cisco.

Personal Note:

It’s really nice to know that TDC has seen the idea of ​​expanding their IP addresses. Considered by the provider who sits on most of the copper wiring
actually does not move to IPv6 immediately due to the political moderation of the TDC.


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