Soon does Gmail not work for every fifth Internet user

If you use Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3.5 or Safari 3
, Google applications like Gmail and Google Docs is not longer
could be used after first August 2011.

The reason is that Google will take advantage of the many opportunities
markup language HTML5 gives (Reference 1). This means
that if you have a browser that is more than one version old,
Google’s office suite will slowly cease to function.

It writes Version2. (Reference 1)

In Denmark, according to the site almost 20 per cent. who still surfs with
Internet Explorer 7, although the browser since been replaced by both
Version 8 and 9

On the Firefox front uses 11 per cent. Version 3.X, which can both be 3.5,
the future is not supported, and 3.6, which is.

For most users it’s not a big operation to upgrade a
browser – many get it just never did, writes Version2, but in
some organizations can support the older web applications mean
that you do not want to upgrade.

Personal Note:

It’s really nice to know that when I now try to update my software
as follows external providers such as Google …Perhaps it is is not
anyone who is familiar with these details, and it’s “Hard by doing. ”


(Reference 1)
(Reference 2)

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