Malware by my personal view

Have you got an email from one of those foreign persons who indicate that you have won a few million or to transfer money via Western Union, so keep your fingers away. Content is not, as alleged – but people who go for weak people to hang without using the “brain” ..

Despite the availability of a PC in nearly every home, then lifted a single specific case up as something quite unique. Fact is that the practice of attaching malware to e-mail that actually is very old fashioned. The difference is that this gets labeled “dangerous” because it is a worm banks. Had it just erased vacation pictures – so it would never come on TV. Sadly.

But the real “complicated” dispersion methods such as infected Web sites spreading malware through advanced scripts, those skates are easily and elegantly across the heavy press. The rationale is that it is too heavy fabric for the average Dane. Aha, why not do something about the problem.

Hence we must conclude that the methods used to spread malicious software without the user noticing it, the Danes are not informed in key media. It is too complicated and people have so even seek out information.

Computers, Internet, hacking, malware and misuse and become a part of our daily lives now and far into the future. I guess that my future grandchildren will sit with the same problems when they reach a certain age. Attack methods have probably changed – it is technology. But the goal remains the same:


How would eventually be gratifying if some of the major media seemed to be shrouded these everyday things with dissociation mystique – and instead took the bull by the horns and helped to educate and raise the lowest common denominator.

The task will be great if it is to do proper, but not insurmountable. The result will be extremely rewarding. Not only for the older generation (who always preferred to be those who do not understand it) – but also for Generation Y has never known a world without e-mail, Messenger and Internet.

Personal opinion

In my opinion I´ll hope that the providers will think longer in terms that not nessesary money is the issue for the world, but a global thought that it would benefit the hole world
from looking the point of peoples mind to help eachother.

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