Be Wary of Giving out Your Email Address

Emails are supposed to make life easier but sometimes,
it may be wise to choose who you give out your email to.
Today, a lot of mischief can be done and normally this comes
in forms of email attacks or email bombs. In such scenarios,
don’t be surprised if you find your email downloading hundred
to a thousand emails in one sitting. That is not the best part.

You would be lucky if this was done only once since others would
schedule it daily.

Why do they do it? One is for trials of these foolish software
and the other can perhaps be for malicious reason. It is a fact
that while many people on the web cannot be harmed physically,
they can create headaches for you in the form of discomforts
from the privileges you get from the web. One of the main elements
an online user would need to use is his email and by doing these
email attacks, it burdens the person on how to get important
information usually sent through the web.

One cannot avoid such instances. But the best way to prevent it
is to choose the people you give it too. For people you meet on
the web, it would be wise to use free mail accounts from Gmail
or Yahoo over your personal one. Avoid the troubles of such since
it will not only be a discomfort, but a forgettable experience as well.

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