This article explains about botnets that are used for illegal activity online. Botnet is a collection of infected computers or bots, which are controlled by a hacker also known as a “bot herder”. It is then used to perform different types of functions or rather known as attacks.
There are a variety of botnets used though the three most commonly seen ones are the following below.

HTTP Botnets – exploit vulnerabilities in web browsers.

P2P Botnets – Infect files shared on P2P service such as LimeWire.

IRC Botnets – Control computers of unsuspecting users through internet relay chat.

I find the “IRC Botnet” very interesting, because of the complexity that follows along. The fact that it is also the hardest one to detect makes it even more fascinated.

Check both of the diagrams that fallow with the articles below in order to understand the operation of botnets. I find it myself very understandable and precise.

Read more about botnets on the following links below.

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