Security implications of IPv6 ( Bugtrack )

CPN ( center for the protektion of national protektion  )  ( has published the “Security implications
of IPv6”

IPv6 is coming to a network near you. CPNI has extracted salient points from recently published documents to highlight some of the major security implications of the transition to IPv6

What are the Main securiy concerns ?

  • IPv6 implementations are much less mature than their IPv4 counterparts making it likely that a number of vulnerabilities will be discovered and mitigated before their robustness matches that of the existing IPv4 implementations.
  • Security products such as firewalls and Network Intrusion Detection Systems have less support for the IPv6 protocol than for  IPv4
  • Technical personnel have less confidence with the IPv6 protocols than with  IPv4

What should be done ?

Develop a plan; IPv6 affects every network and there is no ‘do nothing’ option.

Be sure that relevant staff, of  network engineers and security administrators, are confident with IPv6 and related technologies before they are ready to deploy and operate IPv6 in production networks.

Coparison of sercurty between IPv4 and IPv6

The security implications of the basic IPv6 protocol are, in general, very similar to those of IPv4. Similar vulnerabilities are present in both protocols, with the only differences lying in the specific attack vectors provided by each of protocol.


So be ready for  security hols when we impelment IPv6

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