Java exploits remain biggest threat to PCs

I have been reading an article by Gregg Keizer posted at the computer world website. Clamming; that a Java is the biggest threat to PCs. In May 2011 Microsoft re-launched its new Safety Scanner scanning the computer for malware.

There who’s downloaded 420.000 copies of the software in the first week, and 4, 8% of the computers who’s infected. Every

Seven of the top 10 threats were Java exploits, and it tells me that Oracle isn’t doing is work, or not taking this threads seriously. Because in October 2010, Microsoft has send out a warning about Java exploits.

“Hacker reliance on Java made sense to Marc Fossi, the director of Symantec’s security response team, in an interview last year. ”Since Java is both cross-browser and cross-platform, it can be appealing to attackers,” he said, referring to Java’s use by every major browser, and on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.”

So get your computer scanned! You can get a free scan from this website.

“Safety Scanner, which replaced an older online-only tool, uses the same technology and detection signatures as Microsoft’s free consumer-grade Security Essentials antivirus program and its Forefront Endpoint Protection product for enterprises. “

I have scanned my computer and it’s clean.

By Alexander Ólafsson



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