The future of viruses

Imagine that, company x employee receives an email with a virus. Opened email infect him computer. Virus writes on the hard disk… and waiting. When computer long time nobody use, such as the worker goes home, the virus receive an additional executable code from the Internet, which examine your hard drives data and send information to your web site. If someone touch mouse or keyboard, virus stops working in order to remain unnoticed and waits another occasion.

Virus hunters last June found very similar infection, which acts with screen saver Prety-Park.exe. This be sent as an attachment to an e-mail message. When installed “mIRC” it sends user login and password information, with outgoing messages.

Symantec and Network Associates , specialists says that new virus is analyzed environment, and change themselves. Last year booth company’s noticed that there is more polymorphic viruses that change themselves, to improve stay unnoticed and make more damage to computer and data.  Thats viruses make more damage, that those which is annoying, but more notable likeMelissa virus. Appears viruses to damage the data by changing their bits, like Compat virus which change MS Excel each pane by 5 percents.

What to do to protect against viruses:

1. Install Anti-virus software.

2. Do not use untrusted web pages.

3. Do not download and upload untrusted files.

4. Turn of computer and go check how change season. 🙂

I chose this topic, then I search for IT news and find this video. Nowadays when IT development is so fast, I wanted to know how evolving viruses and malicious software.

And I realized that soon would be not necessary to go out from home 😮

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