“Google” database center – like in action movie

I found a video in “youtube” about googles database centers in Finland and South Carolina,later the article and the video here shows the center in South Carolina. I found it to be amazing , that such a facility looks like Pentagons center in Virginia.
The ones who come to “Googles” database center could that they are in some highly protected military facility.In case you want to come to the center you will have to show a permission card near the gates, and later inside you will have to show another card , with your biothermic information which contains of your fingerprints and eyes iris diagraphm. The whole territory is monitored by high techonology cameras, which are observated by a huge team of guards.
The center has a newest fire emergency system which in case of fire automatically transfers data to other rooms.The team of IT specialists in few ways delete data from disks and destroy them physically. The center is really an amazing facility with: physical barriers and perimeter fencing; data protection; file fragmentation, replication and storage; high techonologies access control identification and monitoring.

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