Comodo has been hacked.. again

Two mounts ago Comodo, a company that issues SSL security certificates has been hacked and during the attack a number of forged certificates have been released.

Apparently, history is repeating itself, and a few days ago, the Comodo branch from Brasil was hacked, giving unauthorized access to data to the hacker.

Now, I can not stop thinking: how come a company that is supposed to be specialized in security, be hacked twice in 3 mouth using the same type of fairly common exploit? And does it take for companies like Comodo and Sony secure their system once and for all?

Despite the news that Comodo has been hacked again, the CEO stated that the system was not compromised

So as a summary: its an SQL attack (fairly common) on a company in Brazil who sells some of our products.” he wrote in an email. “Nothing to report really.

Is this full-disclosure or ass-covering?



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