iPad security breach

This data breach isn’t that important regarding the numbers,  it is important because it revealed information about powerfull people like the mayor of New York, the White House Chief of Staff, DARPA related people and many others. Compared to Sony’s PSN that got 77 million accounts stolen this is rather insignificant with “only” 114000 accounts stolen.

The hack was accomplished by a group called  Goatse Security. It obtained is data using a script on AT&T’s website. To get a response the security group had to send an iPad style “User agent” header in their web requiest. They also wrote a PHP script to automate the collection of data.

The fault was mainly  AT&T’s but the attention fell onto Apple for asking users emails account when thei are activating their devices.

Apple always advertised to offer the best products but I think that this was a proof that they also have problems and they should try to solve them if they still want to be trusted by their customers

For more informations about the hack, important persons that were affected and the reactions of Apple and AT&T click the source link.

source: http://gawker.com/#!5559346

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