What to do about the PlayStation Network breach

At present, many people will already know about the PlayStation Network (and Qriocity digital music service) security breach. The PlayStation Network (PSN), is “an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service provided/run by Sony Computer Entertainment for use with the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable video game consoles.” This event caused many PSN customers are shocked to discover Sony’s cavalier attitude Sony evidently takes toward the security of their financial and personal data. And they are not disburdening their security.

This problem is closed to many people who are using PSN. That’s not good for users’ feeling because their NET is insecurity.

So, can we do something for that? The answer is, yes. You can dong something like them, you will protect yourself if you do them.

  1. You could change your password of credit cards whose numbers been used with PSN.
  2. You could check your private information that used with PSN.
  3. You could watch your accounts and credit activity like a hawk for a while.
  4. You could change any passwords related to PSN or SOE at your earliest opportunity.
  5. You could avoid ever giving Sony or any of its subsidiaries another dime.

In my opinion, every program should be safety, that’s can make users setting their heart at rest when they are using. SONY could not just explain for it, they could do more available thing, like revising PlayStation. Although error is ineluctable sometimes, SONY should reduce error.


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