Record in software piracy

In 2010 global software piracy reached to a record amount of 59 bilion dollars. This number is a 14 percent increase since 2009 and represents the double of 2003. The study also shows that 42 percent of PC software in the entire world was pirated.

The figures show that Central/Eastern Europe and Latin America had the highest piracy rates with 64 percent while the least piracy is in North America with 21 percent.

Representants of the BSA (Business Software Alliance) declared that the biggest problem is that people do not even realize that they are getting their software illegally and that governments should do more to help.

I think that this numbers are very concerning since the computer industry is based on sftware sales mostly and the features offered by them. Also I think this happens because people don’t have enough knowledge in using their computers and choosing the software that suits them best since there are a lot of freware software that can compete closely to paid software.


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