Phishing at Sony

I chose this topic, because nowadays lots of peoples are using internet banking, and newer know when they are using true or false web site. That was happened for big internet (not only internet) shop Sony. The Finnish company F-Secure, which makes security solutions against phishing, reports that the Sony was attacked by unknown hacker group called “k4L0ag666” . But this time has nothing with with hack to Play station Networks.

Sony Thailand Official Site:Equipment

Cyber ​​criminals hacked one from Sony’s server security and placed in one of the company regional pages ( fishing site, which imitated the Italian financial services Cartão site. The first page  user must sing up, enter name and a password, and the second page – enter additional credit card number and secret code. After user entered all data server redirected to official Cartao web site.

Phishing Site On Sony Thailand Server:


F-Secure research Head announced that Sony was immediately informed about brake-in when they found a vulnerability. Rycently fake phishing web site, which collected credit cards are closed. Obout losses for customers the Sony not reported.

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