Rising threats from cybercriminals

What to write about? I have been browsing the net to finding something fun and interesting to write about. And then a came about an article on http://www.computerwold.com by John Brandon that he publish May 19, 2011.

It’s about; six rising threats from cybercriminals. What is the newest in for cybercrime?

Text-message malware is one of the newest ways that so called black-hat hackers too use. Computers now a day are getting more secured, making it harder for hackers get access to them. Therefor has  black-hat hackers start to do attracts on the smartphones sending a text messages to users, in hope that the user will open the messages giving the hacker full access to the phone. If the user is connectit to a company network the hacker can get access to the company network SMART. But how can you secure that this will never happened for you, like one of the interlocutor in this article says “there is no defense against being stupid”…. And I agree! How stupid can you be if you are offer a free internet access to click on this add-ons, remember this if it’s too good to be true than probably is!

Hacking into smart grids it’s an technology, allowing data to be send and receive from a central system, mostly used by Siemens it can be helpful for users see the power. This kind of attack can permitting hackers to cut off electricity and create other kinds of damages.

Social network account spoofing that is a network account spoofing getting persons to trust you and access their personal information.

Cyberstalking her we have a social networks problem. It can be hard to handle, cyber bullying its new problem of our days that is hard to prevent if there is not live threating. But her in Denmark there are working on a stricter law, permitting the police to get intermeddles in time.

Hackers controlling your car, I love this! Getting control of a car by 3G network access, or Wi-Fi router in the car, tapping into your home Wi-Fi network (only while parked). It gives you the options to interfere operations of the car.

GPS jamming and spoofing: Threat or nuisance? It’s almost impossible to do this, you can jam the GPS by overload the signal, by sending a similar signal, confusing the receiver giving a wrong information to the user. It´s not that much threat to the user, just inconvenient for the user.

By Alexander Ólafsson

Link to the hole article


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