TKIP – still used and insecure

Whenever I go and search for a wireless with my laptop I also look for the security they use and there is one think I see often on the wireless encryption: TKIP (Temporal Key Integrity Protocol). As usually I wanted to check out how secure it is and to compare with the encryption I use at home AES.

The result was an unexpected one. There are known attacks that will make this type of encryption useless in a matter of minutes and there are companies that are still using this type of encryption on the Wireless Network.

Attacks that work against TKIP encryption:

Back-Tews attack.

Ohigashi-Morii attack.

I think that companies should change their Wireless Security since it’s a huge risk and probably it is not worth the risk since routers that use other type of encryption like AES are pretty cheap today. This was an interesting lecture to read and since I liked writing about this maybe in the future AES encryption will be a topic.


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