Linux kernel runs inside web browser

The Register postet :

An independent programmer has used JavaScript to build a PC emulator capable of running Linux inside a web browser.

A French ( Fabrice Bellard ) hacker sayes his JavaScript PC Emulator can run the 2.6.20 Linux kernel inside Mozilla’s Firefox 4 and Google’s Chrome 11.

“I did it for fun, just because newer JavaScript engines are fast enough to do complicated things,” Bellard writes

According to Bellard – known for creating the FFmpeg open source multimedia project and the QEMU processor emulator – his JavaScript PC emulator is about two times slower on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine than on Firefox’s Jaeger Monkey engine, and this was promptly seized upon by JavaScript creator Brenden Eich, who’s now the chief technology officer at Mozilla. Bellard tested the 32-bit version of both browsers.

Fabrice Bellard wrote his PC Emulator with pure JavaScript using the typed array specification, which provides an API for using native binary data, and he has tested his creation on browsers running atop Linux, Windows, and Mac OS

Bellard belives that his emulator could let you play old DOS games.

The article can be found ->

This is nice .. but strange that he did it for fun and is there some where we can try it out and see if it works ?

And then he did it in Java..

i would like to go back and play old DOS games again. that cod be fun to try 🙂

_____________ And for some other news ____________________

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