Google intends to manage customers home

This topic interesting, because in near future our home will be connected with our phones. Also like Android and others phones will be able  to connect to other devices not only wireless Internet WI-FI connection, but also via Bluetooth or USB connection. That increases possibility to be infected by virus or have cyber attacks and do whatever they want with your house.

San Francisco, the company unveiled the future of Google’s platform Android @ Home, which will enable for consumers who have smart phones with the Android operating system to control of all electrical appliances at home. Phone will be able to use almost all devices that use electricity: washing machines, dishwashers, video and audio equipment, food processor, even home lighting.

Currently, the market players are looking only to their own house in order. iPhone users can setup the Apple TV, or with Windows Mobile 7 phone – control a computer running the Windows operating system. But Android @ Home platform is an open protocol – it can use any product that is controlled via any wireless device or computer, which are with Android operating system like the iPhone or PC with Windows operating system.  So advantage of that system – the fact that it will be used by any manufacturer. This system should be released this year.

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