Facebook, a place for every one

Facebook nowadays it’s the most popular website of social networking. As popular is it as so many security issues it has. I don’t want to talk to about how to steal an account as me and Stefan made a demo in class. What i am going to talk about are the application that you can find them at your “friends”.

This “applications” are send unintentionaly between friends and the risk of being infected is very high. Like the application i am goin to talk below.

"WICKED! Now you can see who views your facebook profile.. i saw my top profile stalkers and my EX is still creeping my profile every day

Checkout your PROFILE stalkers
Now you can see who stalks your profile daily"

This message is very tempting and a lot of noobs, if i am allowed to say that doesn’t know what facebook is full of, would click the link below only to see which friend is visiting his profile.

But the truth is that this is a trick used by scammers. They are using this kind of tricks to make you complete some surveys and by doing that they will get some money. Why should you help them earn money?!



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