Fake security software catches out Apple owners

This article explains about the fake security software that has victimized Apple owners. The software is called both Mac Defender and Mac Security.

Hundreds of people that have installed this software have turned to Apple forums for the help in order to remove it. This shows clearly that the software has been successful regarding the work and appearing high up in the search result.
Around two hundred separate discussions on Apple’s forum were about this software. I find the statistics very good to be honest.

People install this software “scareware”, which then pretends to scan a machine for security problems. It creates a list of threats it has found and asks for cash before it will fix non-existent problems.
The software makes people pay starting up the browser of unattended machines and call up one of several different porno websites. I find this trick very smart and effective.
Pretending something or someone often shows good results while considering security breaches, at least for my opinion.

I find the last comment in the article very interesting since only a reasonable person would comment that. Read the last part of the article and you will understand it.

Read more about this article on the following link below.

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