Android malware

I read the other day an article which presented an report released by Juniper Networks, which stated that the number of Android Malware increased by 400% since last summer.

Wow.. that’s what I call a “growing business“..

But, tacking in consideration the fact that there are no default security tools available to stop the malwares and the fact that users are not thinking about this, it is no surprise that the number increase by 4 times.

Dan Hoffman, chief mobile security evangelist at Juniper Networks admits that:

“You don’t have to be extraordinarily smart to write mobile malware these days because most devices don’t have any security tools to stop the malware.”

A study released in 2010 by SANA stated that

only 15% of smartphone users were employing antivirus on their phones”.

Now I am asking myself: when will Android do something about this? History had shown that in the battle between a vendor increasing the security and raising user’s awareness, the first one always wins.

Now you know why I’m not doing banking from my phone :-).



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