Preparation for Torrent Lawsuit

Are you using torrent clients? Downloading files like crazy?

Then how do you know you are not targeted in one of the upcoming torrent lawsuits?

There is a new upcoming trend where firms claiming copyright on distributed movies through torrent channels are filling lawsuits against the people that download them illegally.

One of the newest lawsuits in “The making” is that by which the U.S. Copyright Group has been allowed to receive information about a staggering 23,000 BitTorrent clients in preparation of a full scale lawsuit. The group is the first that pioneered this form of lawsuit last year targeting BitTorrent Clients in the United States.

The file shared is a very well known movie “The Expendables”, which made a box-office of $274 million. Now while it may cause negative publicity, the added revenue that would be added to the pockets of the “Nu Image” studio may be around $10 million(if 75% of the ones in question would take the $2,000 agreement that they are wanting to force).

Relevance of this is how much time will it take till other parts of the world accept the same type of lawsuit, and more importantly how it may affect the masses that take for granted all the software and other files that are being made available without fear of copyright and that of getting caught. That is why i consider this interesting as a IT security subject.



About Alexandru

Hi, I am Alexandru currently in Denmark studying at Lillebaelt at Networking as an Erasmus studend.
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