Malwares hiding behind the backwards Unicode names

This article will introduce to Backwards Unicode names of files that hide malware and viruses. This principal can be used in every OS`s like Windows, Linux, Mac. I have chosen this topic because I think it can be very dangerous for everyone even good specialist of IT. I think that this topic is relevant to the IT security, because yours system can be infected by malware that hard to recognize.

Norman one of Anti-Virus vendor has discovered malware that camouflages its file name via special Unicode characters. For example, they may show up as exe.importantdoc.pdf . However, an executable (EXE) file that will launched when double-clicked, is hidden behind this file name.

The offending unicode characters are 0x202E – right-to-left override and 0x202B – right-to-left embedding. They coexist with their siblings 0x202Dleft-to-right override and 0x202A – left-to-right embedding. These are general unicode punctuation codes. “



User will therefore no longer be able to trust the file names that are being displayed.


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