In this blog post the reader will get to know with Encryption. The encryption is a way of securing your data by making it unreadable to others, unless they don’t have a special key. I have chosen this topic because the encryption is widely used and it is necessary to know what it is and how it works.    

The encryption is part of the cryptography and is a process of sending information in a form that is unreadable for anyone, except for those who posses special knowledge (commonly referred as key). The information (sometimes referred as plaintext) is transformed by the usage of an algorithm (called cipher) in order to be encrypted (unreadable without a key). Once reached the destination, the encrypted information (or also called ciphertext) can only be used if it is decrypted (make the information readable again) by using the necessary key. Below in figure 1 can be seen a general example of the above explained process (encryption)


                              Figure 1

 Basically the encryption is used to protect data in transit. Wireless, Bluetooth and the mobile telephones are some examples network transfers, where the encryption is usually used. The encryption provides them with a level of security and privacy, because usually it is very difficult to physically secure all access to networks.

Encryption can protect the confidentiality of messages, but there are more requirements to protect the integrity and authenticity of a message. There are a lot of cryptographic software and hardware for performing encryption, but to implement them correctly, may be very tricky. If an encryption is not implemented (even with a small mistake) it is exposed to a numerous attacks.     




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