eBay removes page that exposed data

CNET has found a page, which was leaking customer data, with the help of a user.

CNET verified that an eBay Web page for sellers to order U.S. Postal Service was exposing user’s names, addresses, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers. The page automatically stored the data, when it was accessed by a logged-in user.

Ebay did not respond to the warnings, but they took down the page, by the following day.

Ebay simply mailed this message back : “We are currently experiencing a technical issue that is impacting the functionality of the eBay-USPS box-ordering Web site. We have temporarily taken the eBay-USPS site down as we identify and resolve the issue. It is possible that fewer than 5,700 mailing addresses were inadvertently viewed by users coming to the site to purchase shipping boxes. We plan to contact the impacted users.”

It is still unclear, how long the page was leaking the information.

Reference : can be found here

Nowdays all the most used pages getting impact, just to get user’s information…Soon there won’t be any safe page, where the user can browse the internet, without leaking any information. I think this is just sad.

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