Boosting Internet Explorer

Using browsers has become a mundane thing in our lives. However usually users keep the  default settings of their operating system, meaning that what comes shipped with an OS as a browser will most likely be used by the user.

This means that a big chunk of the population still use older versions of IE and the common IE that comes with a Windows Operating System.It is pretty well known up to IE 9 that all the previous versions of IE have become “obsolete”, meaning that the capabilities and the security coming with the earlier versions are sub-optimal.

The solution comes with the new Google plug-in called Google Chrome Frame. This is enabled any installation of Internet Explorer and enables the abilities of Google Chrome while using Internet Explorer. Some of those that should be noted are Chrome Sandboxing and rendering HTML5.

The “wow” factor is that you can install Chrome Frame without admin rights. Meaning that you are able to enable the Chrome Frame in a  Windows OS without needing the credentials for it.

In my consideration it is a very good alternative to how to browse, but the fact that a installation without admin rights is possible it is questionable whether or not this is a bug or a feature that Microsoft has offered for the Chrome Frame.The functionality and the design of the Frame as installing and setting up is very neat and interesting, as scary to be able to access resources without admin privileges. That is why i consider this topic interesting and has an appeal as an IT security subject to cover.

See a the developer presentation of Google Chrome Frame with a very interesting Q&A section.

Try Google Chrome Frame:



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Hi, I am Alexandru currently in Denmark studying at Lillebaelt at Networking as an Erasmus studend.
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