Ardamax Keylogger

What is Ardamax Keylogger?

As the name says, the program it is a keylogger. You can set it to run automatically when you start your computer and runs in a “hide” mode. What is he doing it’s very easy. It remembers everything you are doing in your computer. It’s a cool program if you want to see what is someone else doing in your computer.

You can select to take snapshots with your webcam every minute ( you set the time). Also it takes screen-shots, remembers the history of your browser and a nice thing…more or less… is that remembers your login credentials.

The cool part!

I choose to write about this program because it has an option for remote control. You can use this remote control in an “evil” way. You can create an “.exe” application with this program. You can “hide” it using an icon logo for example and after that you can bind it so an antivirus can’t detect the actual application file.

You have an option to choose if the logs want to be send on your email or on an ftp server. Down of this article will be some links to see what i am going to talk about.

P.S: Ardamax Keylogger it’s not a free program but you can download it from the internet if you are looking hard.

Youtube links: serial and download link)

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