DNT Header

What is DNT?

It stands for “Do Not Track” and it is the new proposed HTTP field that would request a web application to disable their tracking of a user.

This header addresses the privacy issue regarding advertisers that go over the boundaries of personal privacy for their own purposes. While this is not a very new breakthrough, as the sollution existed for some time now,in “Do Not Track addon” by Standford University,  it has recently been outlined a FTC (Federal Trade Commision) mechanism to implement the DNT which has been taken into consideration by Firefox and may be opted in as a feature for future versions of Firefox.

Several implementations of the DNT exist in different addons, but Mozilla is planning a different approach to the implementation of it.

As of April 2011 this is supported by Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9.

(Firefox 4 Beta 11 option implementation)

In my opinion the fact that there are increasing the transparency level of the internet for it’s users and the fact they are increasing the privacy level of each individual.

More information is bundled in this article in Wired.com:






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Hi, I am Alexandru currently in Denmark studying at Lillebaelt at Networking as an Erasmus studend.
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