McAfee’s antivirus Bad in Test

An independent test of antivirus products give low marks to the giant McAfee. Also, Microsoft’s free Security Essentials is doing poorly.

It is not easy to test antivirus programs agenst each other in a fair way, and therfor you shoud not thake it so heavy on the test.

But within the genre is the test from the German Company  AV-Test is widely regarded as a reasonable bid that antivirus manufacturers themselves are watching. And the latest test causes red ears at McAfee, which is now owned by Intel.

McAfees Total Protection 2011 is the last in the test ->  Test results

McAfee Total Protection 2011 is in the very end of the test of 22 different producers antivirus solutions and are not ‘certified’ in the test, which is another word for that product has Failed. Neither the protection against malware cleanup after infection or usability  McAfee scores many points, so out of 18 possible becomes only 8.5 points. Bottom Dredge space is shared with Norman Security Suite Pro 8.0.

At the opposite end is Bitdefender and F-Secure, which shares first place in the test with 15.5 points, followed by Norton from Symantec, Kaspersky and Panda Antivirus.


So you need to think 2 times before you go out and buy an antivirus program.

As we can see in the test it is not all the expensive antivirus that are good.
so try finde a program you know and you trust that is the bedst way to protect you and your PC.

I prefer to use Avast Antivirus – it is free and catches all know viruses and it updates several times a day

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