8.5 billion $ for Skype

As of 09.05.2011 Microsoft has added to it’s collection the video, voice and sharing services of Skype. The price was a “measly” 8.5 billion dollars.

This puts Microsoft in a very advantageous position in regards to competing with other firms that give a very high standard of the same service such as Google and Cisco.

One of its new goals in the life of Skype may be to interconnect Microsoft’s service Kinect with Skype.

Also probably the most important reason that Microsoft has bought Skype is to use it in mobile deployment (Nokia and Windows Mobile 7), so to give a competitive edge against Google Voice and Apple’s Facetime.

As a IT Security thing it is going to be interesting to see how the Microsoft takeover is going to affect Skype as a program and time will tell if it will be a change for the better or not.

I am hoping that this will lead to a better management of Skype and have a higher quality of service, to maybe have a new approach on the Skype situation.

More on the subject can be found:



About Alexandru

Hi, I am Alexandru currently in Denmark studying at Lillebaelt at Networking as an Erasmus studend.
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