Osama videos and pictures

Apparently, hackers know how to exploit the recent/ongoing events.

Two days after Osama bin Laden he-who’s-name-shal-not-be-pronounced-on-an-airplaine  was killed, FBI issued a press release that

warns computer users to exercise caution when they receive e-mails that purport to show photos or videos of Osama bin Laden’s recent death.

What happened? Hackers where sending email with an attachment that contained either pictures or exclusive video of Osama being killed. Some of the hackers on the other hand exploited the stupidity naivety of Facebook users and ask them to copy&paste an Javascript injection in their URL bar in order to see rare and exclusive footage about Osama.

Even though I received a mail notifying me that I was single out to see “incredible footage that were censored by the White House”, it just seemed so obvious that the movie.avi.exe file attached on the email was a possible malware that I just deleted the email.

But, while writing this article I had an epiphany: I can understand why people are eager to see naked pictures of Lila from Russia, but why are they interested in seeing a guy receiving a bullet in his head?

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3


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