Identity ’at risk’ on Facebook

This article explains about a risk regarding identity on the popular social networking site Facebook. The site allows users to add a variety of applications to their profile, which results in malicious programs being added that are masquerading as harmless applications and stealing personal data.

In this article BBC exposed this security flaw on Facebook, which I find very interesting and important while considering security.
They hired a coder in order to create a special application, which Facebookers could add. This application was mining data such as personal details about a person and his or her Facebook friends without them knowing. I find it very funny, the fact that it took them less than three hours to create this application, which could masquerade as a game, test or something else.
Once the person has added an application, the friends are encouraged to add it too, which makes this even spread more. The quote below makes me even laugh more.
Did you know that you were responsible for other people’s security?

Paul Docherty, Technical Director of Portcullis Security had a comment to Facebook, “Facebook needs to change its default settings and tighten up security.”

A video is attached to this article that explains about this situation.

Read more about this article on the following link below.

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