Skype security issues

This blog post will introduce to very dangerous Skype security issue that allowing to user to remotely gain access to a shell. This issue target to Mac clients. I have chosen this topic because I think a lot of people using Skype and users must know about new issue. I think that this topic is relevant to the IT security, because yours Mac can be hacked.

Gordon Maddern one of Skype user found this problem accidently, while he was chatting with his colleague about payload. This payload executed in his colleague’s computer. He was doing some test in other OS, but this occurred only on Mac platform.

“At this point I figured out what was needed to execute code. So I put together a proof of concept using metasploit and meterpreter as a payload. Low and behold I was able to remotely gain a shell.”

Discoverer tried to contact whit Skype employees about this issue, but they replay back standard massage. This way, the bug was not repaired for over month, although it is very dangerous. “Attacker needs only to send a victim a message and they can gain remote control of the victims Mac”


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