Ever considered you are tracked?

“There are already thousands of smartphone applications that base their services on the fact that they know your location,” said PingsterMobile.com cofounder Vlad Zachary. As for informing users of what they do with their information, most companies have long, involved EULAs that most users don’t read. Briefly, the issue at hand is that research reports have found that devices supported by Apple, Google and other mobile OS providers regularly collect users’ locations. In the case of Google, a security researcher showed that an HTCAndroid phone was collecting location data almost continuously and then transmitting it to Google through the course of day. Other data the device reportedly sent included name, unique phone identifier and signal strength of nearby WiFi networks. The topic is really relevant to Security topic as the nowadays new fashion – smartphone ha salot of security vulnerabilities.
In my opinion this very relevant article and issue to all of us , new technology users. In my beliefs that tracking people without their permission is really out of legislation, but when reading the article i got a view that mostly this happens because people dont notice simple sentences in the contracts which they are singing.

Reference –>here

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