How Google prevent data leakage

For a long period of time has Google been under line of fire, it has been claimed that Google is collecting and storing private data. Google is also storing your search records and if you have an Android telephone with a map from Google, your location is stored in there database. In this article that I come across on the net at are Google trying to make their image a little better, showing inside their data centers and going thru some of their security and how all out of date hard disks are destroyed, so now one can take a look at the data that is collected by Google. In 2008 Google was operating more than 30 data centers in the United States alone therefore is there a great deal of data collected. Why is Google collecting all this data? I cannot answer this question, but after watching this video made by Google on that shows how security is on one of Google data center, I now that all of information that are collected about my in Google data center worldwide (Not that I have something to hide) will not end in somebody’s else’s computer.

Google said all customer data is

stored in multiple locations to help ensure reliability. … The files that store data are given random file names and are not stored in clear text, so they’re not humanly readable.”

Do I feel save! Yes and no, what is there reason for collected this data?  How is this data used? There are many questions that I haven’t found the answer to. But watch this video and perhaps you feel a little saver in the world of cyberspace.

The video

By Alexander Ólafsson

Link 1

Link 2

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