iPhone tracking only part of Apple’s security and privacy shortcomings

NOW, more and more people choose iphone4 to be their mobile phone. It is a kind of smart phone, it can help people to do lots of things that other phone can’t. But there is some problems happened: iPhone tracking only part of Apple’s security and it has some privacy shortcomings.

If you have an iPhone 4, you should be able to find a file that stores location data for the device since the day you bought it. This file is not safe. There are some details: 1. Hidden files; 2.No accident; 3. No transmitted; 4. Easy Access.

If deceptive means are used to essentially trick people into giving up their privacy, or to just invade it in an underhanded manner, something has gone seriously awry. Anyone dismissing that concern in such a derisive manner needs to rethink the importance of privacy.

This subject fits IT security, because security of phone is necessary. If you are using your phone, but others can know what you are doing, that’s not safe and comfortable. Mobile phone is private thing for everyone, I think.

Actually, my attention is on iphone, so I read it when it just published. It became a problem for people to choose iphone. Everyone needs security of phone. I hope that this problem can be solved, iphone will be better if they solve this problem.


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